04/19/11 – Tuesday Triplet

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful mother in the world, Lynn Carroll!

The Warrior Challenge – Hosted by Jersey Shore CrossFit –  A number of our members did this challenge last year and had a blast.  Let’s get a big group for this year.  I know some people have already signed up.  I am going to put it on the whiteboard.  Please write your name down if you are signing up.

Saturday, 05/21 – CrossFit 908 meets Crossfit OTG for a workout in Williamstown, NJ. We’ll workout in the morning, then make our way to AC to party the day/night/early morning away. Erin and I are going to start looking into hotel rooms.  If you are interested, sign your name up on the whiteboard.

PJ’s Movie Corner

Today’s Recipe – Tomatillo Saffron Shrimp – Nutty Kitchen

Today’s Links –

The toes through rings pictures are awesome.  Here are a couple more.


Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of
    • Reverse Goblet Lunge (2 for 1 and Knee must touch floor)
    • Wall Balls (20/14)
    • Box Jumps (Full Foot On Box – 24/20″)
  • Goal Work – 10 minutes
  • Stretch

10 thoughts on “04/19/11 – Tuesday Triplet”

  1. The Real Pat Earley

    both those kip pictures are the perfect set up for a muscle up. throw in a false grip and they are good to go!

  2. Those toes through rings were fun! I don’t think I could swing into a muscle up though…maybe one day 🙂

  3. Chuck should look into doing something about that chest hair too…perhaps, grow the beard and wax the chest?

  4. Because of the years I’ve spent being referred to as Chuck Norris by the guys I do BJJ with (because of my beard), I actually thought you were talking about me. Narcissism at its best.

  5. And I’m pretty sure she’s using her new red bag while wearing her favorite pair of red shoes today :). Happy Bday to my mother!!! Xoxoxo