04/21/11 – Custom Thursday – Happy Birthday PAT!

Happy Birthday Pat!  Thank you for all of your hard work and your passion for being a good trainer and helping CrossFit 908 thrive.  The gym has you to thank for a lot of its success.  Keep up the good work señor.

24 years young

Today’s Recipe – Paleo Salmon Tikka Masala – Caveman Strong

Today’s Links –


Jeanne and Erin sailing through V-Ups
PJ making his way up the rope

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – Today would be a great day to spend working on your goal for 04/30.  You only have 9 days left. Some of you are very close to hitting your goal.  You can also perform a workout you missed this week, lift something heavy, complete and endurance wod, work on mobility, etc.
  • Stretch – Focus on hips.  For those of you with lower back pain you may be having some hip tightness.  Hold for 3 minutes each leg in the hip/quad stretch against the wall.  Your knee must be touching the wall.  Then, work on your “pigeon” stretch, attempting to make room in the hip joint.

23 thoughts on “04/21/11 – Custom Thursday – Happy Birthday PAT!”

    1. the Real Pat Earley

      gracias hermano. Thanks Tim! The gym along with your awesome training and friendship has changed my life for the better. Ill always be devoted to the 908!!

  1. Happy birthday, Patrick. Your goal for today should be to try not to harm yourself working out, racing your bike, drinking, studying robots, getting tattoos, or sleeping on your refrigerated pillow.
    You may be a year older, but you’re still weird and lovable.

  2. Happy birthday, Patty cakes!!! You’re dynamite, you’re dynamite, you’re… tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick…

    BOOM!!! Dynamite! Thank you for your continued motivation and awesomeness!!! TEAM BOOM-4-LIFE! Hope all your birthday wishes come true! 🙂

  3. Happy birthday, Pat! Thank you for all your passion, encouragement, energy, and knowledge. Wishing you a most incredible day 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday Patty Cakes!!!! Thanks for pushing me to work harder and not getting mad about all of my Snooki Waaahhs!

  5. 24!! You suck! Oh yea and thanks for all you’ve helped me with the last 3 months I might have figured it out without you but wouldn’t have had as many laughs.

  6. Happy birthday manchild. I’m with Peter. Just don’t break anything today. You’re the only person who can wear a “don’t bother me” hat without me wanting to smack the s$&t out of them. I am online searching for an authentic Viking helmet and matching loincloth that I feel you would genuinely look good wearing.