05/12/11 – Yoursday & Goals

Saturday, May 21st – CrossFit 908 is closed. We are heading to CrossFit OTG in Williamstown, NJ for a workout, and then to AC for some fun in the sun.  All are welcome to come.  If interested, email [email protected].

Don’t forget to sign up for the The Warrior Challenge – Erin and I are signed up! Hosted by Jersey Shore CrossFit. A number of our members did this challenge last year and had a blast. Let’s get a big group for this year. I know some people have already signed up. Please write your name down if you are signing up.

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Today’s Recipe – Bacon Baby Portobellos – Nutty Kitchen

Today’s LInks – Courtesy of Brian S. aka Happy Face

GOALS – I’m happy to see so many names already up on the board for May and June Goals.  Below is a picture of Goals board from 02/01/11 – 04/30/11.  There were several goals hit in that period, but also many that were not. I’ll own up to my share of the equation by saying that I did not force you to work on your goals enough.  The other side of the equation is you and your desire to actually reach a goal.  If you are simply just putting something on the board because you feel compelled to, then you clearly will be more likely to not focus on attaining that goal. I truly believe that all of the 908 members come to CrossFit 908 to get stronger, faster and leaner.  Obviously it is time efficient for some folks, but that can’t be the only reason for coming.  I know when I saw Brian S. hit multiple deadlift PR’s in 2 months, Matt M. make a 20lb jump in his back squat in one-month and Nicole get unassisted pull ups that the sense of accomplishment for those three was outstanding.  For me, it makes me love what I do when I see people improve.  I only get you guys for 2-5 hours per week, and some of you have made huge strength gains and even bigger fat losses.  It’s amazing, but this S*&t actually works!  Sorry for the rant.  You guys are all the best, and I am very thankful that you choose to come to 908.  Guess what you should do today…..


Goals - 04/30/11


Rich sporting a fashionable CrossFit 908 T-shirt on the Great Wall of China. Thanks Rich!

Schedule –

  • Mobility WOD
  • Work on a Goal OR Complete a WOD you missed OR Lift something Heavy OR Do an Endurance Workout
  • More Mobility.  Does your OHS suck?  Work on your shoulders, hips and thoracic spine!

4 thoughts on “05/12/11 – Yoursday & Goals”

  1. Great writeup tim, thanks for always pushing us! Congrats on everyone meeting their goals!

  2. Jon — I was showing this UNESCO World Heritage site much respect. And I was seriously hung over…

  3. A day late and a dollar short is the story of my life but I will say as a fairly new member if you ask for help reaching a goal, you always get it and than some (thanks Pat for forcing me to sprint to the SECOND stop sign!) Show up work hard and if you want it you have all the support you need from EVERYONE in the gym, if you just go through the motions no one will go out of their way to help just like life. My two cents…now I’m broke till AC baby!