07/07/11 – Nutrition Challenge Day #11 – Ursday

Fundamentals meets tonight for the second class @ 6:45pm.

Today’s Recipe – Bacon and Currant Pork Burgers with Spicy Orange Dressing – Paleo My Goodness

Today’s Links –


Couples that HSPU together, stay together. Jamie + Amy = Jamy
Chris G in the pain cave!

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Goal Work / Make up a WOD you missed / Lift something heavy / CF Endurance WOD
  • Stretch – Shoulder or hips or both.

33 thoughts on “07/07/11 – Nutrition Challenge Day #11 – Ursday”

  1. Ive had mcdonalds, taco bell, white castle, burger king and wendys in the last 8 days. This new shift sucks and i hate everything.(except you guys)

  2. Food: 3 Primal Meals = +3
    Supp: 2.4 Grams EPA = +1
    Drinks: 2 coffee + 1 wine = 0
    Sleep: 7.5 hrs = +1
    Total: +5

  3. wednesday:
    food: 3 primal = 3
    drink= o
    supplement = 1 ( got fish oil from SHF, its the liquid stuff. Not the best tasting but 1 teaspoon and you get your full 2.5 g. much easier then taking 6 pills throughout the day. I highly recomend it)
    sleep 7hrs =1

    quick question about fish oil…is there a good/ better time during the day to take it? I was taking 2 pills with every meal but now with the liquid stuff I only take it in the morning with breakfast.
    total =5

  4. Also I dont know if you guys know about this but there is a great gym that helps underprivaleged inner city kids. To help fund the program they sell these homeade paleokits. I just ordered a bunch. Check it out and read the story behind it:

  5. Food – 3 primal meals (+3) and Red Mango yogurt (-2) = +1
    Supplementation – 2g EPA = +1
    Sleep – 6 hours = 0
    Total +2

  6. Food- 3 Primal Meals- +3
    2 Cups Black Coffee & Lots of Water- 0
    Supplements- +1
    Sleep 7 Hours- +1
    Total- +5

  7. Food= +3
    Supplement= +1
    Drinks=No booze for three nights in a row! Someone, schedule an intervention! 0
    Sleep 7 Hours=+1

  8. Food = +3
    Drink = 0
    Sleep = 0
    Supp = 0
    Total = +3

    Fish Oil – Usually better quality fish oils will have a higher concentration of EPA/DHA. That is not always the case, but brands like Nordic Naturals, Carlson’s and SFH (stronger faster healthier) come in liquid forms that are high quality. About $30 for 30-day supply if you look around.

    PaleoKits – We have sold them at the gym before. They come to me at an awkward price point, so I was literally reselling them for a $0.02 profit per package. Seemed like a lot of effort. I can get an affiliate discount if we want to buy a large amount. I believe the discount is at least 10%. If someone wants to organize it and take charge of putting a group order together, I will place it.

    Wristbands – So, it is super hot out and everyone is sweating a ton. Chalk is great, but when you are sweating buckets, it doesn’t dry your hands out like it should, but rather it cakes on and makes a nasty mess. I have been using some plain old Nike wristbands (don’t tell reebok) and they trap a huge amount of the sweat that typically drips down my arm into my hands. I was thinking about getting some CF 908 wristbands made up. Thoughts? If you want to buy them in a store, Modell’s or Sports Authority has them for <$10.

    Warrior Challenge – Next weekend (Saturday, July 16) is the warrior challenge. Erin and I will be down the shore already. The gym will be closed. More reason for you to sign up now! Are people interested in carpooling? If so we can arrange for people to meet at the gym, leave cars there, and head down. I wanted to do a barbecue after the challenge. We have a small backyard at our house, which should work okay, and if not Jimmy R. offered to host at his mother's house in manasquan. Either way, we're going to destroy the challenge and then our bodies with copious amounts of booze :).

    1. Awesome! All the points in the world. Congratulation Niel and Sarah! So happy for the both of you!

      1. And I agree- tons of points! Though the ‘sleep’ category may pull them all back in the following weeks…

  9. catching up on nutrition challenge postings…
    Monday 06/27 – Sunday 07/03 total points = zero (i’ll consider that a win since I was on vacation)
    Monday 7/4 = +1
    Tuesday 7/5 = -3
    Wednesday 7/6 = +3

    I’m in for the wristbands.
    Not for the Paleokits, making your own jerky is a lot cheaper.

    Congrats Niel.

  10. Wow!! Congratulations, Niel and Sarah! Can’t wait to meet her.

    Weds: Good day!
    Meals: 3 primal meals +3
    Sleep: (8.5 hrs.) +2
    Drinks: (water, 2 cups coffee) +0
    Supplementation: +1

    Total +6

  11. Congratulations Niel!

    3 Primal meals = +3
    Fish oil Supplement= +1
    Sleep <6= -5
    Drinks = -1
    Total = -2

    CF908 wristbands? Lets do it

    Warrior challenge, I have a wedding the night before, so I may or may not be there to root on everyone, but I'm definitely in for a little BBQ afterwards.

  12. food- 3 primal meals, 3 primal snacks (grassfed)-4
    drinks- 1 coffee, water, no wine =(
    sleep- 8 hours-2

    total- 6

  13. Congrats, Niel and Sarah!!! I love her name :). I’m in for wristbands and I’ll be there for the challenge and the bbq…and I’ll be bringing my aerobed for a little sleepover :). Looking forward to it!! And, to Stan: I totally feel ur pain with the shift work–it’s the worst and hard on ur body. The other day I overheard a nurse say, “I’m going to get change so I can get my dinner out of the vending machine…”. Not easy. Good luck with this shift!