11/02/12 – It's Alive!

The beast that is 908 is alive!  We have power, and all regularly scheduled classes for Friday, 11/02 are on!  Yes, that included the 5:15 am, so don’t slack people!   Thank you all for your patience while we didn’t have power.  You all came in bundled up, warmed up, and busted your humps with no lights and no music.  That was awesome to watch!  Thank you for your dedication and hard work.

  • Strength – 5×5 Shoulder Press – Add 5lbs
  • WOD – 4 RFT
    • 50 Double unders
    • 35 Sit Ups
    • 20 Hand Release Push Ups
  • Accessory – 60 second handstand hold

2 thoughts on “11/02/12 – It's Alive!”

  1. Hey 908ers remember, if you have signed up for a month of morning classes, and you do not plan on attending, you must cancel them out otherwise you LOSE those classes.