12/03/10 – CF 908 Christmas Party Tonight @ 7:30pm

Christmas Party Info –

  • Where – CrossFit 908 – 10 Summit Ave, Berkeley Heights
  • When – 7:30pm – sometime Saturday
  • Who – Everyone is welcome.  Parents, spouses, kids (for a little), friends, etc.
  • Why – Because we all work to hard to not have a little fun
  • What – Beer, liquor, wine and an array of food.  I think we’ll have everything from Pizza to cupcakes.  If you don’t eat dinner before, there should be plenty of food to fill you at the party.  The food will not be Primal.  It would be good if everyone who is bringing any food item posts it to the comments section today so there is minimal overlap.

Today’s Links –

Happy Birthday to this guy!

Happy Birthday Jimmy!
Happy Birthday Jimmy!

Here is the Goal board from last month.  As you can see only a few goals were met.  Make sure you are working on your goal every time you are in the gym!

11/30 Goals
11/30 Goals

The board has been erased.  We will all be working on Double Unders and Pull Ups for December.  Both of them are being added into our new warm up.

Schedule –

  • Foam Roll / Mobility Warm Up
  • Clean & jerk Warm Up – Work up to 3 sets of 1 heavy single.
  • WOD – Every minute, on the minute for 15 minutes complete the following
    • 3 Clean & Jerks @ 80% of your 1RM
    • 12 Air Squats
  • 3 x 20 GHD Hip Extensions
  • Stretch

23 thoughts on “12/03/10 – CF 908 Christmas Party Tonight @ 7:30pm”

  1. I’m happy about the lasagna!! I’m bringing a fruit platter and a nice, cold pasta salad…with all this alcohol, we need something to fill our tummies :). Happy Bday, James Edge the 3rd!!! Heehee!! We love u, Jimmy!!!

  2. Edge! You’re a stud! Happy B-day!!!

    I’m really good at procrastinating…still not sure what I’m bringing! I won’t come empty handed though – don’t worry 🙂

    Can’t wait to see everyone later!!!

  3. I’m bringing “Hot Reuben Dip” – yummy & fattening!!! I’m also bringing Ted, who will NOT be this year’s entertainment (reference to last year’s fiasco).

    Happy Birthday, Edge! We’ll toast later!

  4. Oh and if anyone is too inebriated to drive tonight, feel free to crash at the gym! Tim and I will most likely be doing this… Just make sure you bring an air mattress, pillows, and blankets 🙂 I’ll make sure the heat is on!!!

    1. im crashing there as well. kinda wish we had a CF 908 roof top canopy jungle gym with hammocks and cargo nets. would be of the utmost legitness.