12/04/10 – Saturday @Home WOD – Gym Closed

Happy birthday to my incredible mother in law!  Thank you Karen for being so great!

Next Week –

  • We are changing our mobility warm up
  • We are starting a Fundamentals @ night.  It will take the place of two night classes per week.  It will either start within the next two weeks.
  • Next Weekend Rick and John L are competing in the CrossFit Hoboken Winter Challenge.  All are welcome to come and support the 908 team.

Today’s Links –

Just some dudes playing with their balls
Just some dudes playing with their balls
Same dudes playing with boxes
These guys love BJ's though....Box Jumps you dirty minds

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up / Foam Roll If you have it
  • Additional Warm Up – 3 Rounds through – 5 Push Ups / 10 Mountain Climbers / 5 Broad Jumps
  • WOD – For Time
    • 100 Burpees for time stopping at the top of every minute to complete 5 V-Ups.  This workout can be done in <10 minutes.  I know you are at home and maybe doing the workout alone, so just put on some Katy Perry – Teenage Dream and go nuts!  Clothing optional.
  • Finisher – How many of you are actually going to do this workout let alone a finisher?  Oh well, here goes….Go Outside, estimate a distance of 200 yards (at the gym this is the double the length of the driveway.  Bring a watch and sprint this distance every minute on the minute for five minutes.  For every second difference between your fastest and slowest do 5 burpees.

4 thoughts on “12/04/10 – Saturday @Home WOD – Gym Closed”

  1. Thank you, Tim. To celebrate, I just completed the Home WOD and added a few things since it was so easy… whining, complaining, and a ten mile run. (Had to wear clothes, it’s cold outside). Love you, too!

  2. Happy Birthday Karen!!! Great time last night everyone…..I hope someone (Erin) cleaned that crock pot.

    1. Still at the gym cleaning! Tim had a peanut butter pie smashed in his face and it made its way all over the gym floors. I will be bringing home all the dishes and clean them for you guys!